With more and more talk about automation and AI, many businesses wonder about the future of contact centers and whether they’ll continue to be necessary to meet customer needs. Regardless of technological advances, the reality is that when customers have an issue, they want to connect with a person as soon as possible to resolve the issue efficiently and easily. 

While contact centers have evolved and developed in recent decades, they continue to be an essential component of meeting customer needs and providing excellent customer service. Here are 5 reasons this isn’t going to change anytime soon: 

Contact Centers Provide the Primary (and sometimes the only) Contact with Your Company

As more people make online purchases, there are fewer opportunities for customers to have contact with companies. For many customers, the only contact that they have is with the contact center. Giving customers this point of contact is a key component of providing excellent customer service, connecting with customers, and building customer loyalty. 

They Build Customer Confidence 

Interestingly, research indicates that 49% of consumers continue to be reluctant about making online purchases. One way to build confidence in customers, regardless of how they are making purchases, is by giving them ways to contact your business with any issues or concerns. Simply having contact opportunities, regardless of whether they’re used, builds customer confidence and makes them more likely to trust your company. 

Contact Centers Increase Sales and Avoids Lost Opportunities

When customers have a question or need support, they want to talk with someone right away. In fact, research indicates that over 90% of customers will not leave a message if they contact a company and get a voicemail. By having a 24/7 contact center, companies avoid lost opportunities and are able to increase sales. 

They Help Differentiate Companies 

When your competitors have a contact center with excellent customer service, it makes them stand out. This makes it all the more important that your business also has a strong contact center to attract new customers and to stay competitive. Furthermore, a well-performing contact center enables your business to make a strong first impression, which is an essential part of building customer loyalty. In an increasingly competitive market, having a well-performing contact center is a critical part of building a competitive edge. 

They Provide an Opportunity to Build Your Business’s Image

When customers reach your call center and receive a professional response, it helps to establish your business’s image. A contact center that provides excellent customer service sends an image of professionalism and service that you want customers to receive.  

While contact centers are constantly changing and developing, they continue to be something that customers expect and need. A strong contact center is – and will continue to be – an important way to provide excellent customer service, develop a competitive edge, build customer loyalty and develop your company’s image. To learn more about contact centers or to get contact center solutions, contact our team of experts. 

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