Pizza is one of my favorite things; I love it. I also love success stories, especially when they involve clients who realize big gains by making relatively small changes in their call center technology.

The only problem with these success stories – and there are lots of them – is that the businesses themselves are usually too busy taking care of their customers to trumpet their own success. So I’d like to do that for one of them.

If you’ve ever ordered a pizza over the phone, you probably expected the person on the other end to quickly take your order and then get your delivery to you with as little delay as possible. That’s the job of one of our clients, which manages several individual franchised pizza restaurants in Tennessee.

They serve thousands of customers daily, taking orders primarily over the phone and delivering tasty pizzas all over the western part of the state. As their orders grew, however, they needed their call system to be able to keep up.

Their biggest problem was that they were struggling with a traditional analog phone system. In order to keep up with order volume, they first needed to convert to a VOIP phone system. Doing so would immediately save them money and give them more flexibility, as well as allow them to easily integrate their calls into the POS system.

When the VOIP system was implemented, however, it no longer played nice with their point-of-sale (POS) system. Caller ID information could not be passed into their POS system, which led to delays, manual effort, and human error. Employees were spending lots of time pulling up records, setting up new customers, etc., which was not ideal for keeping customers happy.

That’s where Convey Five came in. We helped them evaluate how to best make their caller ID solution integrate with the VoIP system, without interrupting their day-to-day business. We helped ensure their VOIP system could grow with them, and integrated a new Convey Five 3CX call center system with their current POS and caller ID solutions, which minimized the impact on their existing call workflow.

As a result, their new call management solution created a seamless connection between customer data and their POS system. The 3CX integration allowed them to keep their current POS and CRM systems, saving time and money, and – most importantly – improving their overall customer service.

Customers got their calls answered quickly and their pizzas delivered promptly. And because of the urgency of their need, they were extremely happy that we could implement a new 3CX integrated VOIP solution so quickly. I believe they even used the term “hero” at one point.

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