When it comes to the level of performance, first impressions always matter and ultimately leave a big impact when dealing with customers. A company usually only has one chance to make a first impression and that is often created by a contact center. Customers always prefer a reliable and quick service that interacts with them on the channels they prefer, which means that the contact center efficiency and productivity need to be at peak performance. Building an effective contact center is vital in improving customer experience and maintaining brand loyalty.

Understanding quality assurance in your contact center

For success, it is essential to comprehend the concept of quality assurance in a functional contact center. Handling customers with quick and effective communication must always be a top priority for a call center.

Quality assurance includes the scrutiny of an agent’s call and comparing the service with the requirements and expectations of the customer. One can effectively collect such information via wait times, customer satisfaction rates, call scoring, first call resolution rate (FCR), and hold times.

How does quality assurance boost the level of performance of the contact center?

Agent performance has a strong correlation with customer satisfaction and retention. Thus, if the quality assurance is compromised, eventually, the contact center will begin losing its customers. The importance of well-trained and efficient contact center agents is their biggest asset. An agent’s performance, good or bad, can have a ripple effect across an entire organization public perception.

Steps to improve contact center quality assurance

  • Leverage top performers to bring up low performers
    What are your top performing agents doing well? How do you apply those attributes to agents that may not be doing as well? Sometimes simply having a new or low performing agent do a seat ride with a top performing agent can do the trick. Boosting the performance of low performers will have a strong impact on the overall performance of the contact center.
  • Keep the agents informed on the caller
    Provide your agents relative information about whom they are talking with by screen popping your CRM data that offers agents the account and caller information. Providing agents with the information of the caller can save time and cost per interaction instead of having the agent research manually to find the contact after they have already connected.
  • Prepare a script for the agents
    An adaptable contact center script can offer solutions to numerous customer questions. It enables calls to be handled faster and makes sure that the information is accurately explained to the customers. Interactive scripts can provide branching information on customer questions as well.
  • Present real-time statistics
    Providing your agents with the real picture of how the entire center is performing together can inspire individual agents to contribute even more to the team. Creating a moderately competitive, yet positive environment will increase agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

Boosting the quality assurance for your contact center is not an overnight initiative. It needs hard work and consistency in operations.  Convey Five is a leader in understanding technology that helps contact centers optimize their performance. We’d love to help you achieve better results and higher levels of efficiency through targeted software solutions.

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