As industries evolve and change with extraordinary speed, organizations need to stay on top of market demand and innovation. Unfortunately, with increased growth and expanded reach, internal capacity challenges start to arise. It is at this moment–when the capacity of an existing team is at its max–that many businesses face a critical outsourcing decision. No stranger to the outsourcing industry, customer service call centers are often one of the first things looked at during demanding times.   

Is outsourcing your call center the right choice for you? In the following article, we will take a look at what a call center outsourcer is and what you can expect from working with one. 


Defined by Investopedia, “Outsourcing is the business practice of hiring a party outside a company to perform services and create goods that traditionally were performed in-house by the company’s own employees and staff.” 

In the case of call centers outsourcers, these specialists often handle call-related customer service operations. Instructed to manage customer calls to an organization by following provided details, outsourced centers can be located offshore, nearshore, or onshore. 


1: Cost-Effective 

Depending on the location of the center, budget cuts can easily be reached with outsourcing. Offshore centers located in Asia, Russia, and other faraway countries cost a fraction of what an in-house US-based employee will make. On top of that, outsourcers hire and train their employees, which can consume a good amount of internal organizational resources. 

2: Relieve Growth Stress 

Scaling and focusing on brand development can be difficult when teams are stressed with customer management. Outsourcing call centers can make way for more volume, 24/7 coverage, and broader talent pools. 

3: Ensure Customer Service 

One of the biggest benefits of using an outsourced call center during times of growth, seasonal spikes, and overflow is quality assurance. If a team is stressed and unable to handle the amount of calls, quality will drop. Outsourced call centers are equipped with customer experience practices, the right tools, and technology. 


While the decision to choose call center outsourcing may come with several benefits, the risks are still high. Such risks include slower problem-solving times due to physical distance or time, language barriers, narrow capabilities, and lack of clear operational rules. 

Decide Carefully And Plan 

As with all company and business decisions, the choice to outsource should be done with best practices as well as consideration of benefits, risks, and options. For example, maybe an offshore center is not right for you; however, an onshore or nearshore could prove useful. Before partnering with a center, always get to know their capabilities and flexibilities while having a very well defined rule book of in-house operations in place. These practices will help minimize the risk while boosting the benefit. 

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