Without a doubt, 3CX has become an industry-leading IP PBX system.

3CX is a powerful tool right off of the shelf, with basic features that include:

  • Web conferencing
  • Presence
  • Softphones
  • Smartphone clients
  • Fax & voicemail to email
  • Instant messaging

However, the average 3CX installation has much untapped potential. Convey Five’s enhancements take that out-of-the-box 3CX platform to new levels of capability.

Custom Enhancements Take 3CX to the Next Level

There are a number of enhancements that make 3CX an even more effective call center platform, including:

  1. Reporting enhancements
  2. Live wall boards
  3. CRM and critical system integrations
  4. Custom statuses

With the addition of these 4 custom enhancements, the standard package transforms from a highly-capable phone system and platform to a valuable call center operations and management tool.

1. Customizable Data and Analytics Reporting

Effective floor management and decision making that facilitate the highest levels of productivity require immediate access to data and analytics.

Convey Five has developed a customized reporting system enhancement that allows managers access to the following benefits from their 3CX systems:

  • Top-level views of real-time analytics
  • Detailed reports of granular data
  • Efficient, clear dashboard views of actionable information
  • Proactive email and event-driven alerts
  • Preconfigured and custom reports to meet your call center’s exact needs

Reporting at this level helps managers identify problems at the personnel level or hidden areas of opportunity, taking productivity to higher levels.

2. Wall Boards Solutions

Knowledge is power for your entire call center team, from the manager to the individual customer service agent.

Our wallboards solutions, with easy-to-see displays showing clear representations of individual and team metrics, are linked directly to your 3CX system and display consolidated views of critical information, including:

  • Calls waiting
  • Operators available
  • Average wait time
  • Calls per hour

This visualization of call center activity is an excellent tool for boosting and maintaining employee morale, which leads to increased productivity and profitability.

3. Complete Systems Integration

Success depends on the information you have available. Our custom 3CX enhancements allow you to integrate your platform with CRM, ERP, VOIP, human resources, and accounting systems.

Operators can initiate calls directly from customer files with one click, and both inbound and outbound calls are automatically logged to the customer record in the CRM package, an integrated process which makes it simple for operators to keep all records up to date — the most current information is always available in real time.

Additional benefits include:

  • Improved customer satisfaction and profitability
  • Streamlined call center workflows and management
  • Simplified HR and payroll activities
  • Secure access provided to key management and personnel

4. Custom Call Statuses

Custom call statuses or AUX codes are a critical feature for any call center. Agents selecting the proper statuses in a timely manner allow managers or team leads to have a good picture of what their teams are working on.

By adding custom statuses, such as “call wrapup,” “lunch,” “training,” “tea break,” or “meeting,” managers can more effectively manage their team.

Additionally, employee time can be logged into specific categories, compiled over time, and analyzed by management and HR to determine opportunities to increase productivity.

Additional Custom Integrations: So Many Possibilities

Do you need one of these enhancements to your 3CX platform, or are you looking for something unique?

Customized solutions are our specialty at Convey Five.

With more than 19 years of experience, Convey Five has designed, developed, and supported hundreds of applications for a wide variety of platforms and industries. We’ll leverage our expertise and best-practice methodology to provide you with a custom solution to any of your call center needs.

Whether your call center uses 3CX or another platform, we invite you to learn more about our customized enhancements for your call center.

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