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In today’s world, phone systems and CRM/ERP applications are blending together to create enterprise contact center solutions for agents to work quickly and efficiently. With our call center CRM integration expertize, we can automate tasks based on call activity. This increases productivity and accuracy by reducing repetitive manual tasks.

In addition, integrating with your CRM can provide combined reporting information such as sales data over call volume for individual agents or teams. With many popular CRMs providing robust APIs, integrations have become quite powerful and the sky really is the limit for what you can do.

  • Use caller ID information on inbound calls to lookup customers in your CRM databases and have this information pop on an agent’s screen as they answer the call.
  • For outbound campaigns, we can work with your CRM provider to incorporate click-to-dial routines so that agent’s simply click on a phone number to dial out
  • Have automatic journal entries made in your CRM/ERP applications based on call activity
  • Attach call recordings to items within your CRM for quick access to past activities. These may get attached to contact records or tickets or opportunities
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