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Use our unique Call Center Quality Assurance Software to enhance agent performance

With our award-winning call center quality assurance software, your team leads or quality monitors can easily select agent call recordings and a scorecard template to evaluate calls. A scorecard template is selected based on the call type, and it defines the attributes for evaluating the call.

As you listen to the call recording, you select options for the defined attributes and the values of those selections roll up into a final score of the call. This information is saved in the database and available for reporting. These reports will show how agents are performing over time.

  • Use our call recording solution to easily search and identify calls that need to be scored, all within an easy-to-use web browser interface.
  • Create any number of scorecard templates within the portal to use for scoring the calls.
  • Scoring results are saved in the database for use in reports.
  • Scoring reports show your top performing agents or agents that may some additional coaching. Also use reports to ensure agents are being scored routinely to meet client requirements for compliance.
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