Our past and current projects have delivered successful contact center solutions to a wide variety of leading organizations across multiple industries and countries. We have solved numerous programming and business challenges for these organizations, and we can do the same for you.

Optimum CX – Contact Center Software Solution

Optimum CX partnered with us to transition their contact center to 3CX in 2016. We knew as soon as we discussed the project that a variety of customizations were going to be necessary to meet the massive needs of this unique, dynamic, client-focused contact center.

The enhanced contact center platform we crafted for them had to be fused together from various customized modules, forming a cohesive and fully-functioning platform that would streamline their workflow and allow their employees to focus on providing the best customer service possible. The enhancements included:

  • Smoother integration with other necessary systems, such as their Kronos time-keeping and payroll software, eliminating the need for data entry
  • Integration of their CRM with 3CX, allowing for automatic navigation from the CRM to a call script page for disposition of calls
  • Custom call statuses to help managers view on-demand information about current employee availability
  • More tools that enable management to monitor workflow in real time, identify individual needs for support, increase accountability, and keep everyone on track
  • Enhanced reporting features that reduce the workload on operators, management, human resources, payroll, and other departments company-wide

Since our partnership with Optimum CX began in 2016, we have continued to refine and expand the custom-designed solution to meet the ever-changing needs of Optimum CX’s growing enterprise.

BenefitVision – Contact Center Software Solution

In 2016, BenefitVision, a health care enrollment company operating multiple contact centers, migrated their operations to 3CX. Their high call volume presented additional needs, so we enhanced their installation of 3CX and developed a custom solution specific to their needs, including:

  • A customized callback request module that provides operators with more visibility and control of callbacks
  • An increased ability for management to monitor floor operations in real time to provide support and increase efficiency
  • Unique HR features that take agents in and out of queues and calculates hours worked based on activity in 3CX

Our scalable solution, which we revisit and upgrade regularly as part of our ongoing relationship with BenefitVision, continues to provide BenefitVision the robust tools needed to manage a demanding contact center.

Choice Home Warranty – – Large Contact Center Analytics & Quality Assurance Solutions

When you’re a large contact center that is bringing in 11,000 calls each day and rapidly continuing to grow, you’re going to need a solution that’s ready to stretch and scale right along with your business’s demands.

That’s where Choice Home Warranty found themselves when we partnered with them to provide a number of custom enhancements to their standard operations platform, which included:

  • Unique integration with the company’s generic payroll system that reduced the HR workload, resulting in reduction of overhead expenses and error during data migration
  • Custom reporting features that increased information available to management that allowed optimization of day-to-day operations and workflow
  • The increased ability to track call dispositions and compile performance data for individual employees
  • Enhanced ability for managers to monitor workflow in real time, identify individual operator availability and needs for support, increasing efficiency
  • Custom call statuses that increase real-time information about call-taking capacity at any given moment

When your contact center operations are already large, yet they continue to expand, you’re going to need flexible solutions that can only come in the form of a customized platform. Our continuing partnership with Choice Home Warranty allows us to continually scale their systems to meet their needs both now and in the future.

National Credit Care – Call Center Phone Systems Solution

When we began working with National Credit Care in 2016, they were migrating their contact center operations to 3CX. However, they had some needs that went beyond what 3CX could give them right out of the box.

We developed a tailored solution that included the following functions:

  • Custom call statuses that help management to more accurately understand what each employee is doing minute to minute
  • The increased ability to score call recordings and provide performance data for each employee, consolidated by our enhanced reporting features
  • A greater number of tools allowing management to better monitor workflow in real time, identify individual needs for support, increase accountability, and keep everyone on track
  • Unique call features for local dialing
  • Integration of 3CX with accounting, payroll, their CRM, and other critical pieces of business software to streamline data flow, reduce workload, and decrease potential for human error during manual data transmission

We work with National Credit Care on a weekly basis to help management better monitor their employees’s activities. We continue to support and upgrade that solution to provide employees the call features they need to more effectively serve their customers every day.

DigiCel (South America) – Call Center Workforce Management Software

We have partnered with DigiCel in their work with the justice systems across a large portion of South America to create a customized solution allowing those incarcerated to communicate with their loved ones by telephone.

Needless to say, such a fluid, complex, and delicate situation requires a unique solution that can’t be found in any stock product, no matter how fantastic it is. We crafted a custom solution for DigiCel’s requirements in each country that best meets the needs of those incarcerated, families, and the institutions themselves, which included:

  • Unique time management systems that allows the most accurate control of the duration of a single call, of the total call time across a specific time period, and of the elapsed time between calls
  • The effective implementation of a do-not-call system to reduce or prevent unnecessary conflicts

This custom solution provides those incarcerated with the ability to stay in contact with friends and family while still allowing authorities to impose necessary oversight.

One of the most amazing things about this solution is its flexibility. Our custom components can not only be fused to form a tailored platform, but their unique benefits can also be applied to unconventional situations beyond commercial contact centers (as is the case with DigiCel). We continue to partner with DigiCel in this critical work, optimizing the solution and ensure it maintains efficiency for years to come.

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